10 Simple Fat Loss Tips | How To Stick To A Diet

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22 Responses to 10 Simple Fat Loss Tips | How To Stick To A Diet

  • Yo smoke some meth I haven’t had a weight problem sense I started

  • *I have to say this is one honest author[Go here===*
    ]that tells it like it is. Her book is amazing and the great thing is…you
    will never be hungry doing this plan. There is three phases that you
    through to get your metabolism repaired and going strong. You will lose
    weight if you stay on the diet. There is also a FB page in support of this
    diet that is very helpful. I am losing weight by eating healthy. .. and
    feeling so much better!!*

  • Alpha, when i get out of Bed, that is a sit up. Why no six-pack abs?

  • I want to lose weight but I live in a bakery, send help pls

  • bro is it just me or is this guy the best motivational speaker

  • I can’t pick foods. I have siblings and mum picks want she wants to eat in
    the diner.

  • Baboons Have Very Weird Butts

  • I eat m&m’s faster than Eminem raps

  • I’d eat a bag of chips even though it was just one :(

  • Hiding… food… in my closet!? I’ve been discovered, time to migrate!

  • Just an extra tip. Telling people you’re dieting is a surefire way to wreck
    it. Telling people, and getting that encouragement and admiration releases
    the same endorphins you get when you realise you’ve lost weight. Keep it to
    yourself, let others notice, it feels so much better.

    Source: I’ve lost 2 stone since September, people are really noticing now
    and it’s great.

  • I heard you "Get rid of the crappy food in the house", so I did and ate all
    of Nutella — now I feel much better knowing there is no more crappy food
    and my diet can continue…

  • Skip to 2:22 because that’s when the actual tips start

  • "You hidin stuff?!?" Hahaha

  • I’m about 5’5, 131.5 lbs, and 15 years old, is that normal?

    On an unrelated note, I ate an entire pizza while watching this video,

  • I’m 15 and I weight 215 pounds then I started jogging in place as a
    exercise did it for 2 months and everyday now I weigh 175 :)

  • As a competitive cyclist, keeping my weight down is paramount to racing
    well. It makes all the difference in the world.

    I have a mantra written on my fridge: "Nothing tastes as good as winning."

  • Here’s a better more affordable way to stop those sugar cravings. When you
    start craving sugar eat an apple, preferably a red one not yellow or green
    just straight dark red. Those will take away your sugar craving guaranteed
    and its healthy sooo….

  • Planning my meals and calorie tracking has allowed me to drop from 330lbs
    to 209 as of this morning, great video alpha! Always great to see this as a

  • Aaron please make a video on how to increase energy. I have very little
    energy to do things through out the day. PleSe help us all out

  • Yo Alpha … do you know of any good diets to follow for fat loss, I want
    something structured but simple as im new to it.

  • Can you do a acne video

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