30 LAZY LIFE HACKS for WEIGHT LOSS That Actually Work!!! How to Lose Weight Easily Without Trying

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25 Responses to 30 LAZY LIFE HACKS for WEIGHT LOSS That Actually Work!!! How to Lose Weight Easily Without Trying

  • Me: I will exercise… But first let’s have a snack
    *15 minutes later*
    Me: I’m full I’ma take a nap then… Exercise
    *1hr later*
    Me: Ohh look at the time, I have to meet my friends soon
    *2hrs later*
    Me: Okay today I couldn’t exercise mabey tommorow I promise
    (Next day…)
    Me: ummmm… Tommorow
    (Next day)
    Me: *watch TV*

  • Who is wathing in 2018?

  • Did you see the cat eat the vegetable like if you did

  • Did you see the cat licked the vegetable

  • all the youtubers trying to lose weight when they’re a TWIG!

  • Anyone in 2018? New Years resolution…

  • When i wear my pajamas I feel EXTRA lazy.

    I’m going to like my own comment because no one else will

  • Does this count?

    Mom: Hey you comin?

    Me: Where?

    Mom: Outside

    Me: nah

    Mom: Where getting pizza!

    Also me: aww heck ya!!!

    Me after the running:I feel so healthy

  • Wendy: Cold temperatures help you burn calories
    Me: *slowly looks outside* (it snowed and it’s currently 11 degrees) should
    I go outside?

    (It’s a joke)

  • Wengie loves cats am I the only one who sees this

  • A advert for a personal trainer played before this video, they said –
    "wanna know how to loose wait fast? Stop watching you tube videos, none of
    them work" IM CRYING

  • *wont even be noticeable*

    puts in a whole broccoli

  • if that is true then i am ALWAYS bored

  • I’m reaaaaallyyy lazy so thanks for these


  • I lose weight by going walking and come walking from school and drink a lot
    of water simple

  • the add right before this was so funny bcuz it said that watching yt vids
    with life hacks of loosing weight wont help you…okkkk

  • I’ll take the Pringles

  • When Youtube recommends this for me…

  • who else is watching this in 2017, sitting with their computer looking for
    a cheat to be more skinny???…… just me? Oh well, time for me to eat

  • Someone: do you want some of my lunch
    Me: no I’m on a diet
    Someone: do you want a cookie
    Also me: sure!

  • Wengie: eating spicy food can help you lose weight!
    Me: *eats entire bag of flaming hot Cheetos*
    Wengie: so does sleeping!
    Me: *sleeps for 14 hours straight.*
    Wengie: and exercising less!
    Me: *does five jumping jacks*
    Me: I’m so healthy!

  • Summer
    7:55 am-8:25am laptop
    8:25am-8:50am eat like an annimal
    8:50am-9:30am bathroom stuff with laptop
    9:30 a.m-6:00 p.m laptop plus snacking on like five things
    6:00pm-6:30pm eat with laptop
    6:30pm-7:10pm bathroom stuff with lap top
    7:10 p.m-2:40 a.m laptop plus midnight snack
    2:40 a.m-7:55 a.m sleep

    that is why i cant exersize im to busy
    anyone else or is it only me.

  • *watches video*
    *secretly eats entire chocolate cake*

  • Me:Mom I’m going to do some exercise.
    Me:10 seconds later MOM IM TIRED

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