Before & After 70 Pound Weight Loss Transformation

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25 Responses to Before & After 70 Pound Weight Loss Transformation

  • I really REALLY htae eating meet but my mom wont let me go vegan because
    I’m just 14 and I need to eat meet because I’am still growing and I need
    animal protein…

  • this is actually so motivating omg

  • Ok so I am healthy but a bit underweight because I model!! I am trying the
    vegan high carb low fat lifestyle but i really don’t want to gain any
    weight bc I am required to have certain measurements. I have never had an
    eating disorder or anything like that but i just want to maintain the
    weight i have now. I am 184 cm tall and weigh around 56-57 kg!! Does anyone
    know if I will gain weight??

  • Wow u are amazing. And I should be very proud of yourself

  • Damn you must love bananas

  • I always thought potatoes would make me gain weight… I am so confused…
    either way, Congrats! I’m planning on buying your and Derek’s epic vegan
    instant pot book next paycheck!

  • In the after pictures my jaw dropped because you have the best looking
    curves and body that I have ever seen

  • Idk, she looked beautiful even before the transfoemation

  • Woow. That is soo motivating.

  • Proud of you

  • You are hot af

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    [3]: Overfeeding

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    flavor, forever.

    It was a super-simple sequence that I immediately shared with Nicole, only
    to find her skeptical of my discovery.

    She seemed excited but confused on what this meant.

    This is Huge – we have to experiment with my new method of eating right

    I think I’ve found a brand new revolutionary way to lose weight and still
    get to enjoy eating whatever we want 3 days a week, just like our 92 year
    old Grandma Carmela.

    It all makes perfect sense to me now.

    My mind had been boggled ever since grandma’s phone call in the hospital
    that day, wondering how she can eat whatever she wants three days a week
    and live with so much energy, a strong heart, no joint pain, and clean
    arteries, with the health of someone thirty+ years younger.

    Grandma told me that 3 days a weeks she indulges in her favorite foods, and
    does her chores.

    She said her chores only take minutes out of her day, and then she rewards
    herself with a feast fit for a queen.

    Quickly, I referred to the top secret research I found.

    "That’s it, Nicole >>>><

  • this is incredible you literary turned your life around

  • No way u were a size 16 im a size 16 n i dont look like that if anythin u
    were a size 12. 70 poinds heavier in that pic lmfao

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    wasted shopping for expensive diet products and no more hours wasted at the
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  • your video is very motivating

  • Wow!! Very inspirational!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Damnnn you’re cute af Lmao

  • ur hips are goalllzzzzz

  • Isn’t going from bananas to potatoes just substituting one demon for

  • The answer to weight loss is POTATOES

  • Best weight loss journey I have had the pleasure to watch

  • uoAu!! good for you, you look 15 years younger .

  • So Potatoes are the answer??


  • Everybody in social media talking about elections and I’m here looking how
    HCH is been a positive influence for the people who want to change their
    life. You looking great girl!!

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