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  • I like the fact that vegans go wild right here, but we don’t go to vegans’
    videos to tell them they should eat meat.

  • 20% comments: questions
    10%: About vegans
    70: God damn spam about diet plans jfc WHY-

  • If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard a ukulele and chimes on a
    health/beauty vid.

  • This is what I did to drop over 30lbs in one month. I just took garcinia
    every morning and excess weight just melted off. If you don’t have garcinia
    yet you can get a free bottle to try here:

  • I support vegans.
    I don’t support vegans who bash others because they eat meat.

    If you shame me for eating meat, I swear to god I will eat you.

  • This has the basics of what you should be eating and why without getting
    wordy or preachy. And the recipes are wonderful. After a long illness and
    weight gain as a result, I was looking for a cookbook that would give me
    ideas and options for combinations of foods. This is perfect. The recipes
    are outstanding, easy to follow, and delicious. They do take some time as
    there is a bit more prep work because everything is fresh, even the herbs;
    but it is well worth it. I serve the dishes to guests who are surprised
    that the recipes contain no sugar or flour.

  • SHe’s so awkward lol ! but nice tips though

  • from my personal experience i lost 21 kg in a month by working out by
    burning a minimum of 400 calories per day consisting of 40 mins of cardio
    and then weights.And also have daily 3 meals consists of
    Breakfast that is 4 boiled eggs on the white part with some salt on it and
    pepper and a cup of tea or black coffee without any sugar.
    Lunch are Chicken breasts with 100 grams of boiled rice and with a salad
    Dinner are two cans of tuna removing all the oil from it with some lemon
    over it and with a salad

  • This nutritions look kinda weird to me… to me, this looks like more
    calories then she shows :/ (peanut butter, avocados… really?

  • I’m eating ice cream and chocolate right now

  • 300 calories per day?????? isn’t that extremely unhealthy?

  • I want to get fit and everything I eat the healthiest as possible and I
    don’t count carbs if I crave something I just look for a healthier version
    and eat a small portion of it.

  • all of this food looks soooo good. it’s 9pm and i’m hungry now

  • there we go some one who knows a real healthy diet, she added fats meat and
    vegs, everything that a human needs, not just veg and stuff that dosent
    have protein(pls dont take that the bad way) because a faild diet is when
    you need to take supplements. and vegans tend to not eat protein. one way
    to eat protein with out eating meat is beans, they are high in protein, and
    they make wonderfull waffles(gf waffles that dont have flour of enny kind
    just beans. my mom makes them when we want to eat waffles if you dont add
    all the shugery stuff, you dont get fat and opposite of that you feel great.

  • This video was wild. This girl had 4 eggs and a yolk alone for breakfast,
    greasy ground beef for dinner and then she finished it off with 3 pieces of
    bread, each spread with what looked like nut butters and cheese! I have
    never been so confused in my life! Listen, it’s one thing if you’re showing
    people what you eat in a day. But to post this with info on how to go about
    doing this crazy diet and a meal plan is dangerous. Vegan or not, she did
    multiple things that would make you blow up instantly. God just drink
    water, eat your fruits veggies, whole grains, lean proteins(red meat is
    just not good for you, I’m sorry, but it’s just a slow killer) and
    exercise. It’s not that hard. This high carb low carb one day the next day
    cycling circus is bullocks. I pray young kids don’t see this mess ugh

  • am i the only one who noticed she keeps touching the pan????

  • I think a more healthier diet would be going vegan

  • thumbs down for dead animals

  • Add fruits to what you eat, the body runs on glucose, no need to starve and
    calorie restrict in 2016. Cut out the dead cow, the dead chicken and the
    hen’s period and fill up fruits, veg, greens and good carbs, potatoes,
    rice, peas, beans. All those dead animals and oils only cause cancer and
    heart attacks in the long run.

  • I swear if I ate all of that I’d be putting on weight. I don’t know what’s
    wrong with my body :/ I eat half of that and still can’t lose weight!

  • go vegan !

  • Finally a youtuber who isn’t vegan

  • Hey guys! I hope you find this video helpful. Please remember I am very
    petite and only 5’1 tall! To maintain my weight, I only need around
    1550-1600 cal per day (without exercise) so I brought it down to around
    1250-1300 per day now if I don’t exercise. I still have two normal higher
    carbs days. Everyone is different and our body burn at a different rate so
    you would have to trail and error and see what is the calories intake to
    maintain your weight! Some guys might go 500 calories deficit but since I’m
    a small person (haha) I went for about 300 cal deficit. Also doing HIIT
    exercise will really helps. I normally increase my cal intake for the days
    that I exercise too. I only go at most 300 cal deficit so i’m not starving
    myself in any way. Hope this helps! Please read the description box for
    more tips!

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