Dr. Oz’s 21 Day Weight Loss Breakthrough

Dr. Oz shows us his 21 Day plant based diet.

25 Responses to Dr. Oz’s 21 Day Weight Loss Breakthrough

  • The anti-potato folks drive me nuts. How can you be against sweet potatoes?

  • Still need the potatoes dr oz but hey your doing better!

  • Plant based is the way to go and absolutely delicious and super easy once
    you stop complicating things.

  • Vegan gang represent! We taking ova fam! AYE! lol

  • I haven’t eaten meat yet in 2017… I’m trying.. I’m trying

  • You will definitely loose the weight, and maintain it!! Go plant diet, it’s
    healthier, ur skin will look flawless and you will feel good that you
    haven’t killed an animal.

  • Dr. Oz didn’t know Wendy was on a plant based diet. He must not watch the
    Wendy Show.

  • Im so fat at first I thought the pear was a corndog omg

  • cmon we all know whats healthy or not. just minimise food that we know are
    bad then be active more.

  • plant based diet is excellent but why did he leave out healthy grains such
    as brown rice, quinoa (which is packed with protein), oatmeal, etc.?
    Spaghetti Squash?? Hunntyyyy, if you’re eating squash as spaghetti may be
    good as a side dish, but it should not be a meal. Throw in some whole wheat
    or gluten free pasta or brown rice. It’s amazing to promote plant based
    eating tho!

    Anyone going to do this plan, make sure it meets your caloric needs.
    Everyone is different!

  • Dr Oz giving hope to all the late bloomers all over the world! Btw. Doc’s
    hair looks great. Excellent color.

  • A very simple, kind-hearted man advocated this kind of eating before we
    were even born. His name is DR. SEBI. A black man in the middle of the
    jungle was healing thousands of people and has emphasized the importance of
    plant-based foods, he talked about starch and to avoid animal products..
    yet noone listened, didn’t get publicity. A white man repeats the exact
    same and it’s all over the Media. So unfair! I’ve always liked Dr.Oz but
    will forever be a huge fan of DR. SEBI. He IS the Real Deal. x

  • So basically go vegan lol

  • If you want to know the truth , his facts about weight loss are as truthful
    as Hilary when she says she thinks gay marriage should be equal. Want to
    know the simple truth about losing weight , I’ll save you money and time.
    Lose more weight then you gain , instead of driving a mile to McDonald’s ,
    walk to the store and get some fruit. There is no such thing as a "easy
    way" or a "magic food", if you believe that then you are one stupid person.

  • I agree with everything, but him saying don’t eat starches. I’m a starch
    based vegan (high carb/low fat) and its the best/easiest way to lose
    weight. You can eat as many potatoes as you want and you’ll shed the
    weight. If you want lose a lot of weight really really quickly, only eat
    potatoes, no fruit, and only non-starchy vegetables; just look up the
    potato cleanse. I’ve done it plenty of times, sometimes up to a month and
    its so easy. You don’t gain all the weight back once you break the cleanse
    either. You can absolutely stuff yourself with oil free french fries and
    ketchup, or potato dough pizza, the list goes on… #GoVegan

  • Never trust a doctor who calls a vagina a "vajayjay"..

  • When will ppl realize dr oz is a scammer and will say anything for ratings

  • Wendy’s new eyebrows make her look like Herman Munster.

  • Finally! He is talking about plant based but Dr John McDougall will be
    disappointed in the no potatoes! But hey this is a great start!! Spread the
    word dr oz!

  • this guy is such a snake oil salesman….& gullible women fall for it

  • I’m trynna get snatched! Time to lose these pounds

  • Did Wendy just use the wird Lit? LMFAOOOO

  • These two together are amazing and so funny

  • Right on time I’m trying to lose a couple of pounds!

  • Love you Wendy!❤

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