HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST 10Kg in 10 Days | 900 Calorie Egg Diet By Versatile Vicky

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST 10 Kgs in 10 Days with Vickys Egg Diet Plan | 10 Kgs in 10 Days 22 LBS | 900 Calorie Diet Meal Plan | 4 Simple Ingredients, Low Cost, Effective, Easy to make Meal…

24 Responses to HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST 10Kg in 10 Days | 900 Calorie Egg Diet By Versatile Vicky

  • OMG! I lost 13 kg in 7 days

  • I’m watching this while eating pizza

  • Lost 3 kg in 3days but can’t do more I don’t want to see eggs any more

  • Everyday I feel like quiting or cheating I go through the comments section
    it keeps me motivated…

  • I lose 5kgs in the 1st week.
    Lose a total of 33kgs in 2mos. with simple walking as an exercise.

  • Thank you vicky.. I lost 9KG in 15 days.. With a cheat meal every 4 to 5
    Best part is entire Weight loss process is so positive, I have never felt,
    that I am on a Calorie deficit program.
    I am trying from past 10 years to loose weight, but I couldn’t finish any
    program successfully. Even though I finished some with very difficulty. I
    haven’t seen the result by the end of it. But with this diet, I have seen
    progress on daily basis.
    Thanks for 6 Eggs a day including yolk, a big savior for me personally.
    I could have continued but I didnt want to loose too much weight in short
    period of time.
    Also, I want to sustain this for another 15 days with normal diet of course
    healthy one.
    Then will start the Non Veg diet plan for next 10 or 15 days.
    Vicky you are awesome and given me hope once again, when I am loosing

  • Thank you so much

  • This is the best! Been battling with my weight for 3 years , amazingly this
    works! I lost 4kgs in 5 days then took my time before eventually lost 8KGS
    in the same month! Inches lost! And i had to buy new pants!!!!! I fit into
    my teenage clothes.., now im trying the summer diet by vicky as well to
    lose another 6-7kgs to get into my ideal weight for my height! Vicky just
    wanna say God bless you, and what ur giving / doing thru your channel is
    amazing and inspiring, i wish u all the best in what u do, cuz i owe a lot
    to u. Much love from Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

    Take care! I will always look forward to new videos from u, starting my
    summer diet tomorrow!

  • So i did it for 9 days …. lost 6 kgs …. i think it could have worked
    better if i had indulged myself in some mild exercise…. so yeah it works
    …. but it was a tough one … started at 113 … right now on 107 ….
    after that i stopped it … as it was too difficult … and does take a
    toll on your body …. for me it was fatigue ….. for a 6 feet guy and 113
    kg weight 900 cals was too low …. plz dont forget to drink plenty of
    water as u might misunderstand your weight loss from your bodys water loss
    …. anyway…. important thing is that it works as @versatilevicky says
    …. trying to prepare myself again to go on this diet …. it takes
    patience and a bit of courage …. but it works …. hell with it … its
    just 10 days …. i think i can so it again … thumbs up for diet … thnx
    … i hope everyone finds it useful …

  • I loose 15 kg in13 days diet is awesome ❤️

  • Lost 16 Kgs In 15 Days,
    Followed Strictly Without Any Cheats, With Regular gyming
    Ps : I replaced Oats With a Bowl Of Rice
    Thanks a Lot Vicky, Love You
    God Bless….

  • Am really motivated by reading all ur comments.hope it will work for me as
    well.gonna start from today.i will update a gud result.thank u so much

  • the weird thing about this is, idk how im gonna show up at work with 3
    boiled eggs haha

  • Thank you vicky before am 68kg and now I am 55 kg in 20 days only

  • She lowkey sounds like miranda sings

  • Not sure why so many are asking if the eggs are with or without yolks? She
    clearly shows them on the plate WITH THE YOLKS, each and every time, so
    YES! Include the yolks.

  • I watched this whole eating burguer :/

  • I didn’t think eating eggs is this much hard

  • My moms gonna be like where did all the eggs go?

  • Just note there is no quick fix. Note in this diet no salt is there.
    Because salt causes water retention. Most of weight lost initially is due
    to water loss. If you eat normally as you did minus salt. Your bound to
    loose 5-6 kg weight.

  • this really helped me in losing 8 kgs in 10 days. since I got pregnant
    couldn’t continue. Will try this again after my pregnancy.

  • I’m on day 4 and oh my god I’ve never loved the taste of an apple more than
    I do at lunch time!!

  • i lost 16 kgs in 20 days..but guys beware you will go through a definite

  • BOOOOOOOM…… this plan is awesome…. thanq versatile vicky….. along
    with this plan if u add slowjogging for 3-5kms will be very effective..
    i lost 20 kgs in 1 month…
    becoz im a badminton player… i lost soo soon. but im saying guys.. this
    has noooooo side effects at all..
    drink plenty of water… u vl not feel hungry at all.

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