How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy (NO EXERCISE) – Weight Loss – Lifestyle – Healthy Diet – Abigale K

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24 Responses to How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy (NO EXERCISE) – Weight Loss – Lifestyle – Healthy Diet – Abigale K

  • Oh my goddd!!! I have been doing this for about 12 weeks now and I have
    lost 3 stone(42lb) thank you so much I love u xx

  • *You Won’t Live To See Your Children Graduate High School* That’s what my
    doctor told me about my weight. So I spent the next 3 months trying to lose
    weight and the only thing that worked was something called garcinia. I lost
    over 40lbs in two months while taking it. If you’re struggling to lose
    weight, try garcinia. I can even show you how to get it for free if you’re
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  • Basically she lost weight doing nothing lol ok.

  • my sister showed me your video and I tried it and I lose 20 lbs in

  • You look like princess Jasmine from Aladdin

  • I know this is a old video, but I’ve been watching and rewatching this for
    years. Whenever I fall off the bandwagon I watch this video. I was at 140
    pounds before getting pregnant and I shot up to 203 pounds. This video has
    helped me so much. The green tea tip was the most helpful!! This video is
    entertaining and inspirational!!

  • i love your video its definitely inspiration. I have lost 88lbs and still
    working on my goal.I am doing herbalife cellular nutrition on top my meal
    preps which is what i do as a business. I am a culinary cook so love food
    and the fact that im not on a diet makes me feel even more amazing.. Thanks
    for your tips will implement

  • this is how I lost 15kg …from 62kg to 47kg….
    and now I’m again 65kg!!

  • this video is the motivation I had to lose weight. I loss over 30 pounds in
    3-4 months. after that I tried to maintain that weight because at that
    point I was looking too thin. guys if you’re watching and you don’t think
    you have the willpower to do this, this is how you start. go grocery
    shopping TODAY. if you live with your parents, do it with them because they
    will provide the meals. anyways, stock up in any fruits or vegetables you
    like. ALL. when you buy food, look at the back of the package. does it have
    263739 ingredients? UNHEALTHY. healthy food usually should only have ONE
    ingredient. for example, brown rice. it’s all natural and no bleached
    anything nothing toxic. also drink a lot of water! that’s the one thing
    that helped me a lot. if anybody has questions, feel free to ask ♥

  • I’m 15, 5’4,and I weigh 190 everyone always I look fine and I’m pretty but
    I dont feel pretty and I hate my body, but I’m going to trust you and try
    your diet plan. I’ll keep people updated if they want.

  • You know what I’ve had enough of watching vids on how to lose weight fast
    I’m just gonna eat healthy and exercise on my speed walk machine

  • you should get paid… amazing tips

  • I love her sense of humor, she made losing weight fun.

  • Thank u so much for uploading this video. U were my inspiration to lose
    weight. I lost 30 pound drinking tean, water, n walking alot.

  • *Love this guide >>> *
    *** .
    Straight forward advice. I’m a nutritionist & this information is on the

  • this was the first weight loss video I ever came across and changed from
    100 kg to 55 kg in just five months with no deficiency. .. Thank you for
    changing my life

  • Weird thing is that I watched this video 3 years ago cause I wanted to lose
    weight …. This video was the video that helped me so much but I forgot
    all about this video …. I went from 84kg to 62kg ✨✨

  • The tea method work and I lost a lot of weight in 2 years but now I’m
    gaining it back.

  • lol , when u said get rid of sugar stuff … I gave all my candy to my
    brother and he said .. AMEN!!!

  • ŦĨŃĂĹĹŶ ̾i ̶g̶o̶t [̲̅t̲̅][̲̅h̲̅][̲̅i̲̅][̲̅s̲̅] working Best Method : –

  • 2017? Anyone? I need to lose that belly from christmas…

  • it worked for me. ..I lost 46 kgs in 6 months …. when I felt hungry I ate
    oranges. …..thank u so much. ..I got inspiration from ur video.

  • Oh man. …..I was already eating candy watching this.

  • Eats icecream and chips while watching weight loss videos

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