Intermittent Fasting = Quick Weight Loss

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23 Responses to Intermittent Fasting = Quick Weight Loss


  • Ladies!. Here’s my secret to losing 26lbs in just two weeks!.. Just try
    something called garcinia and avoid junkfood. That’s how I burned all the
    fat away and I didn’t have to go on a diet or exercise routine. You can
    even get a free bottle of garcinia to try here:

  • If you’re clinically overweight or prediabetic, then yes, fast. You’re
    addicted to sugar and the only way to give it up is cold turkey. Then quit
    corn syrup, caffeine, and bread. Do not fast if you take diabetes
    management drugs.
    If you’re anorexic like I used to be, you know you’re underweight. Please
    don’t. You know you shouldn’t even be looking up videos like this.

  • I started intermittent fasting and I love it. This is a life style for me
    now, nit just for quick weight loss. This lifestyle just fits me. I worry
    less about food, i function just as well on one meal a day as 3 meals, my
    skin is clearing up, I lost like 30 pounds in 2 weeks and the best part for
    me…Im saving a lot of money! lol. But Im always out and about and eatting
    at resturants. But now I don’t spend money on breakfast or lunch and I cook
    whatever I want for dinner. If I want pancakes or waffles or an omelette I
    just make it for my one meal. If I crave a tuna fish and cheese for dinner
    or some kind of lunch time food I just make it for dinner. Very simple. If
    you have weight problems u suggest you try it. The hunger pains werent that
    bad. Drink water or sugerless tea or black coffee whenever you feel a
    hunger pain and it will feel better. And after some days you wont feel them

  • im just being silly, but every time i hear someone say intermittent
    fasting, i think "inner mitten." lol

  • I only get legitimately hungry 1-2 times a day. Always been that way.

  • I only eat from 11am – 6pm and I fast from then. So about 17 hours

  • I lost 50 poundsWalking and eating right.

  • Common sense here. I used to eat in the morning because I thought I had to.
    Then, as a coffee drinker I only ate not to have coffee on an empty
    stomach. Point here. I was never hungry in the morning. Off caffeine now
    and it is actually liberating to wait until I get hungry in the morning
    lol. And then I’ll have some bananas and apples. It is my fave combination.
    Also coffee supressed my natural hunger. So now I’m totally enjoying
    getting my natural hunger signals restored. But I wasn’t consciously doing

  • fasting is not starving. our fat enabling society lies to us about fasting
    as well. fasting is fine!

  • Common sense…imagine that. I think humans never had food around all the
    time so yes…we are designed to not eat all the time. If you are fat…you
    are eating to much…DUHHHH.

  • Sorry but, eating only when hungry should be the way of life..! Don’t live
    to eat——-Eat to live..!

  • The Standard American Diet – S.A.D.

  • I just found you and awesome job on your fitness journey!!

  • This really does work. I only eat when I’m hungry and I fast 16 to 18 hours
    a day. I’ve lost and maintained my weight. People think that you need 3
    meals!! I feel horrible if I eat 3 meals!!

  • I always thought eating 6 meals a day sound fishy. It makes sense to eat
    when we are hungry. We don’t even get hungry that often so eating this way
    sounds better.

  • I just tuned out sorry

  • My cat is named Hannah.

  • I’ve found that now doing IF I don’t think about food as much as I did when
    doing the whole 6 small meals a day trip.

  • I wish more girls would do what you did. People, If you have fat friends,
    don’t tell them they’re fine the way they are, you’re not doing them a
    favor! You"re actually doing the opposite, and preventing them from
    realizing that it is possible to change. All it takes is to make a
    decision. This is coming from an ex chubber. Congrats on your transformation

  • Wholeheartedly agree!! In Nutritional Excellence, Dr. Furhman talks about
    a study where rats fed less frequently lived much longer than rats fed the
    same calories but as the equivalent of small meals throughout the day.
    This is an intriguing topic that doesn’t get much attention.

  • So important to listen to our bodies! Love this advice :) Xx

  • I’m not not much of an early morning breakfast person. I totally agree.
    Eat when you’re really hungry. Once a year I do a three day water fast.
    There is evidence to show that doing this completely regenerates your
    immune system. All I know is I feel amazing afterwards.

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