My Diet Plan, How to Lose Weight Fast and Diet Tips 2015

Whats going on guys?! So I am one month away from my first NPC Mens Physique Competition April 11, so I decided to share with you my diet plan as I prepare for the event. This diet plan will…

24 Responses to My Diet Plan, How to Lose Weight Fast and Diet Tips 2015

  • *I LOVE this book. Limited Here >>>>**** <<<<< And its
    works….FAST. I’m on day 9 and have lost 10 pounds. I went from 140 pounds
    to 130 by following the diet w/ barely any exercise. buy this book! NOW!*

  • his body is so nice lmao

  • his body is so nice lmao

  • Is it wrong to want to have this man for breakfast? I’m just saying.

  • You have motivated me so much. I have lost 36 pounds the past 3 months.
    Couldn’t be more happy with myself. For anyone that wants help – please
    text me 7815349101 I would be more than happy to show your how I was able
    to achieve this! I want to give back to the community now

  • damn he is so fine!

  • I put cayenne pepper on everything too!!! And spinach is a staple

  • I think I found my dream man Lol

  • What kills me about the U.S. is that to eat truly healthy, you cannot
    afford it if you don’t have a good income. A company can manufacture a
    burger or taco for 59 cents…but it’s about demand. Company’s won’t
    produce things nobody will buy, and unfortunately the average American has
    become a fat sack of turd. Including me. Which is why I am changing my
    habits. I’m telling you all, 2 weeks after no fast food ornsoda, I already
    feel 10x’s better and I’m not even working out yet. Transitioning is pretty
    hard but I can already tell it’s going to be a mind game. Good luck to
    everyone out there who’s just starting out.

  • can’t believe he touching raw chicken and touching everything…

  • Yo you forgot the cayenne pepper on that peanut butter toast.

  • Ooooo that body, I can’t even focus lol

  • I don’t eat any food at all because it’s bad for you

  • Him cooking turns me on

  • I didn`t believe I may lose 15 lbs in 1 week. I did thanks to the "vivi
    awesome plan". Just Google it to discover more. You may get good result
    like me. Enjoy it, change your life style, achieve perfect body!

  • u should wash the rice at least 3 times……………

  • Where did you get that pan from? one you cooked egg white in


  • Please be careful handling the chicken, wash with hot soap and water before
    u touch ur spice bottles or anything at all! Great video, thank u!!

  • Hey guys, please SUBSCRIBE and LIKE the video if this helped and want more
    videos like this! If you’re interested on how I came up with my macros for
    this video and how to create your own diet plan, I just uploaded a video on
    exactly that! Check it out! Link in the description.

  • can u make me curry

  • Great video man, and great camera and audio, your video looked so good I
    thought you were already a big youtuber so I’m sure your channel will grow

  • Good editing and info bro. Keep it going

  • Great channel you have here bro! Keep it up. Subbed

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