The Ideal Female Weight Loss Diet Meal Plan | How To Meal Prep

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25 Responses to The Ideal Female Weight Loss Diet Meal Plan | How To Meal Prep

  • Breakfast:
    2 eggs (or lean red meat)
    Oatmeal (40g)
    Berries (28g)
    Pb powder (12g)

    Turkey/chicken/fish (280g)
    Potato/rice (70g)
    Asparagus/green veggie (84g)

    Greek yogurt
    Nuts (28g)

    Turkey/chicken/fish (280g)
    Potato/rice (70g)
    Asparagus/green veggie (84g)

    Protein shake (1 cup almond milk, 1 cup protein)

  • I’m on my third day of this plan, and I already feel better. No sugar highs
    and lows! Best decision I’ve ever made and the easiest plan to follow!!
    Thank you for the knowledge and encouragement!

  • I followed this eating plan exactly for one week along with an exercise
    routine and I lost 5 pounds in just the first week. I can’t wait to see
    what I’ll feel like after a month! Thanks so much!

  • finally a great meal prep video!!! but i do have one question…i thought
    when trying to lose weight, we should stay away from that rice??

  • This was great! You should do an entire series for women.

  • This was very helpful as I am dieting…Do more female meal plan vids ASAP!

  • Yes Yes Yes.. please more videos about meal prepping for women! Giving u

  • It’s interesting people talking about the calories being low. I lost 135
    lbs in 9 months eating 1200 calories per day. I was full and felt better
    than ever. It’s about what exactly is getting put in your body. It worked
    for me.

  • this is super helpful, thank you!

  • Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video! Quick Disclaimer: If you are already
    fairly lean & are currently weight training then this diet would definitely
    need some adjustments as you most likely have a faster metabolism & aren’t
    facing any insulin resistance issues. If your primary goal is weight loss &
    you have 30+ pounds you want to lose then this should be a good starting
    point. Keep in mind that EVERYONE is different & we all have unique
    nutritional needs so a 105 lb girl eating 2200 calories a day is the
    exception, not the norm. As with anything you should always experiment
    first & see what works best for your body. Much Love Everybody ❤️

  • 1260 calories for a female that’s resistance training?!? That can’t be
    right IS WAY TOO LOW

  • My dad said that if I can get to 500 subs he will quit smoking. Please help
    save him. Thank you to all who do and have a blessed day!

  • Im not a lady….but I still hit that LIKE button!

  • Can we use your peanut butter and jelly sandwich as 3rd meal?

  • Is it weird that I don’t watch your videos for fitness but that I
    absolutely LOVE your personality & the positivity you put out ??

  • A female? Only 1,260 calories and weight training? I think I would die. I
    need more food than that for sure! I do love your videos and watch every
    single one, but as a personal trainer and health coach myself, doing this
    everyday, I don’t have any clients that I’ve ever put on only 1,200
    calories. Fantastic meal prep ideas though! Add another meal! Definitely
    don’t take away just because there isn’t any weight training involved.

  • Only 1260 cals? Seems pretty low, even for someone losing weight. The food
    is fine, but that seems a bit too low in my opinion. Especially if you’re
    doing exercise, but it was a great video nonetheless Remington! Love your
    vids! Much love from Miami. Keep it up man!

  • Isn’t 1260 calories low for even sedentary people? Can you do a similar
    video in regards to women who do workout/ higher macros? thanks!

  • Do you ever drink unsweetened almond milk because I do it sometimes and I
    cant ever get over the after taste.

  • This definitely helps me out. I use My Fitness Pal, and it tells me 1300
    calories a day. I love these videos targeted towards women, and hope you do
    more! I like all of your videos though. I was wondering when would be the
    most beneficial time to work out between these meals besides the am?

  • I started watching when you were doing keto, even though you stopped I’m
    still watching! Love your videos. Would you ever consider doing a keto meal
    prep? I would truly enjoy it.

  • yay….a female meal plan….the Rem!!

  • You keep me on track. I have Been watching you since March, and I’ve lost
    45lbs by binge watching your videos and hitting the gym!

  • Eyyy you know PES is the real deal when it gets the double seal!

  • Says no views no comments no anything so am I first?

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