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  • You don’t have to eat dead bodies to look nice :(

  • I know most people are watching this to lose weight but I’m watching this
    to get on a healthy meal plan to break eating disorder behaviours. It seems
    like a lot of food for me to intake, but I like the meals you prepped so…
    I’ll give it a shot.

  • id like to see her make do in my house. washing dishes in the bathtub and
    eating a hotdog on a hamburger bun slice. She be running out the door and
    down the street so fast

  • One of THE most informative and complete videos i’ve ever watched

  • Why is this more than what I eat to maintain? I get a venti iced coffee
    from Starbucks for breakfast, 2 apples and a banana for lunch and if i have
    dinner I’ll eat a small caprese salad

  • Your Videos are really good, I enjoy them :) Do you think you can do a
    home/Apartment tour for us? It looks so nice <3 Greetings from a german
    Lifestyle Vlogger ^.^

  • So glad to see you still enjoy a good cup of coffee ☕️️

  • Omg I just found your channel and honestly I have been binge watching your
    videos. You’re a great YouTuber and your recipes look so delicious!

  • Going to have to try that sandwich

  • I love that you always say the degrees in celsius!!!

  • Hi Liezl, I love your videos, I don’t watch them because I want to loose
    weight but for meal inspiration.
    I love your advise, I love that you emphasize the importance of loosing
    weight in a healthy manner, but I think it might be a good idea to do a
    kind of informative video about basal metabolic rate, daily energy intake
    vs. outtake and all that physical stuff. Sadly, lots of women who want to
    loose weight still don’t know that they always need energy in their body,
    even when they’re trying to drop a few pounds. Now, I do know about this
    stuff as a nutrition student, but maybe some of your audience don’t and in
    my opinion it’s SO important to know about the basic metabolic processes in
    a human body.
    My basal(!!) metabolic rate for example is around 1500 kcal/d, so if I were
    to follow a 1200 kcal diet for a longer period of time, it could have very
    harmful effects on my body :)
    xo Anja

  • Im definitely follow your lunch recipe today! That sandwich looks delicious!

  • Love your videos

  • In my country we do not have option of unsweetned peanut butter,it is
    really hard to find,so can regular peanut butter work,or can you show a
    recepi of one?That would really help

  • You’re INSANE,, you should NOT be giving out eating tips when you’re not
    only starving yourself but you influenced my sister into an eating disorder
    – I bet you’re happy with yourself. Disgusting.

  • Great video

  • hi! really love your videos but feel like you kind of make the same things
    every time (especially for breakfast); can you do a video with some more
    unique options of things we haven’t seen yet? this isn’t meant to be rude
    by the way.

  • i eat the oatmeal all the time!!

  • you rock girl

  • ahh! I am going to save this until the morning so I have something to look
    forward to when I wake up

  • Love ur oats and lunch recipes!!!! I tried almost all of them!!! ❤️

  • Great video thankyou!

  • Hi Liezl! I love your videos. You are such an inspiration. I had some
    queries and suggestions. Can you please tell us how many calories do we
    burn when we do HIIT? Also, can you tell us how many ml fits in your
    measure of 1/2 cup? Please, please let me know. Video suggestions: How to
    satisfy cravings during periods and exercises to follow when women are on
    period? Thanks! and once again, a HUGE fan of your videos :)

  • I get so excited whenever you upload a new video!

  • First from Amsterdam…..love your vids

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